(54 year old female)

“I have no doubt  that the major factor in my recovery from my eating disorder was  Brooke.  I was deep into an eating disorder that nearly devastated me  and my family.  Brooke understands this disease on every level.  She  worked with me and my family using a variety of techniques to help me  break free and journey towards recovery.  Thank you, Brooke, for your  wisdom, tenacity, and loving kindness.” 

(Parents of a teenager)

"We have 3 daughters and 1  son.  As we were raising them, we worked very hard to teach them to  avoid dangers like busy streets, strangers, hot stoves, and so on.   Never did we anticipate the deadly, complicated threat our youngest  daughter’s eating disorder would present.  She is smart, kind,  intelligent, and driven.  In middle school, though, she began to  withdraw and her eating patterns changed.  We became terrified as we  watched her begin to starve herself.  As we began looking for help, we  ended up admitting her to the hospital twice as her physical health  began to decline.  I found a local psychiatrist, and hoped that he might  provide a path to getting the help our daughter desperately needed.   Unfortunately, his therapy was ineffective, and we realized quickly our  only hope was to find someone experienced in treatment this  misunderstood illness called anorexia.
Brooke and her team were like  angels coming to our rescue.  Her treatment was specific to those  suffering from eating disorders.  She explained the illness and  treatment plan required to get our daughter safe again.  She was with us  every step of inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and  ongoing therapy.  We found hope in her knowledge and story.  I am  convinced that Brooke and her team saved our daughter’s life.  Today our  daughter is healthy and happy in her recovery.
Eating Disorders are  dangerous and misunderstood illnesses.  It is critical that sufferers  find the help they need.  I trusted Brooke and her team with my  daughter’s life.  I can with complete confidence recommend her to anyone  seeking help for an eating disorder."

(32 year old female)

 “I had been to multiple therapists before coming to Brooke, so I was skeptical at first. During my first appointment with her, I felt at ease and knew she understood me. She is excellent at helping people, through anything. She has helped me manage my ED, and has been exceedingly patient with me when I have been non-compliant. I know no matter what, I can talk to Brooke and know that I am understood. She is not only an excellent therapist but also a wonderful person. I am so glad I started with Brooke.”  

(30 year old female)

"Farrington  Specialty Counseling has been so important to my life because it has  been a foundation of my recovery.  When I entered recovery, I wasn’t  sure that I would ever be fully recovered.  I had heard that it was a  possibility, but I didn’t think it would be a possibility for me.  The  behaviors and patterns that I had relied on for so many years seemed too  tightly connected to me as a person. FSC helped me to separate the  eating disorder from who I was, and also to discover who I was,  something that had been lacking in previous recovery work.
I believe  that the uniqueness of FSC is their ability to understand the  complexities of eating disorders. FSC’s compassion and dedication to  their client’s welfare and recovery can’t be overstated. Their unique  knowledge and array of resources provide individualized attention to  each client.
I’m so thankful to Brooke, Ann, and the rest of FSC and am very joyful to say that I am recovered!" 

(58 year old female)

“I was in a full  blown binge mode when I showed up at Farrington Specialty Counseling.   Prior to coming I had been involved in a big weight loss program.  It  was at IOP (the Intensive Outpatient program at FSC) that I first heard  about the binge/purge cycle.  Understanding this has been revolutionary  to me. 

Brooke,  through her wisdom and many therapeutic tools, has been able to break  through the barrier walls and help me to understand my eating disorder.   After 58 years of bad habits and and faulty thinking, the journey to  mindful eating hasn’t been an easy one, but I now have hope!” 

(24 year old female)

Walking into the doors of  FSC, I was not exactly sure what to expect.  What I found was a unique  approach that I had not tried.  I also found therapists who themselves  have recovered from an eating disorder which in return gave me hope.   Hope that recover is possible for me too.  I thoroughly enjoy the  Compulsive Overeating therapy group.  The group not only challenges me  but also educates me on my journey to recovery.  I appreciate all the  resources and support from Danielle, Brooke, Ann, and Erica.  I am truly  grateful to have found FSC.  My only regret is that I wish I had found  them sooner.” 

(25 year old female)

  "Farrington  Specialty Counseling changed the way I approached eating disorder  recovery. Before taking part in IOP, I only saw half of what recovery  entailed: absence of behaviors. I had tried time and time again to get  rid of my eating disorder, but I had never been successful. Through the  IOP program I was able to reconnect with myself emotionally and truly  begin the process of genuine—and complete—recovery from this burden that  I had been carrying around for a majority of my life.  Now I am able to  say that I am truly recovering from my eating disorder, which is  amazing since I honestly thought it to be an impossible task before  coming to FSC. I cannot thank Brooke and her team enough for the doors  they have opened up to me by showing me that there was so much more to  life than an eating disorder."

(Parent of 15 year old female)

“My  relationship with FSC began when my daughter, then a freshman in high  school, developed anorexia nervosa and became compulsive with exercise.   I was extremely lucky to have found a caring nutritionist who referred  us right away to Brooke.  As a parent, I was terrified.  Brooke involved  me right from the start in supporting my daughter with the right  language and education and insight about why/how this condition had  surfaced.  Brooke also supported me through individual counseling  session so that I could help control my own anxiety and not feed into my  daughter’s disease and disordered thinking.  My daughter had a goal to  travel overseas for mission work that summer with her brother and Brooke  helped her get there, feeling strong and with awareness of her  triggers.  Since then Brooke has remained an ally to our family.  My  daughter is now studying overseas, 5 years later and checks in with  Brooke on every break from school.  We never stopped learning to love  our bodies under her guidance and care.”

(15 year old female)

 "I was surrounded in darkness, barely able to see enough to simply put one foot in front of the other. I remember feeling like I was in a glass cage, placed in the very center of Times Square, sometimes banging on the glass, yelling and screaming to get the attention of those walking by, to no avail. But most of the time I lie resigned to my cage, huddled in a ball, wrapping my arms around myself and watching the world move around me. At times feeling suffocated by my glass walls and my thoughts and always feeling envious of the happiness and light that seemed to be everywhere but around me, everywhere but inside me. Brooke saw me. She understood me. She taught me that I don’t have to yell and scream and harm myself to try to get people to understand my pain. She taught me that I don’t have to isolate myself and that my own arms don’t have to be the only things holding me together. She helped me break down the walls of my prison and join the world. I could leave my house. It was ok to be seen. Brooke was the beginning of my journey to uncover the light that burns inside us all. She was always in my corner and still is, 10 years later. There is hope, there is light and there are people who will truly see YOU, Brooke is one of those people. I am eternally grateful."