Specializing in the treatment of eating disorders

Our passion at Farrington Specialty Counseling Inc. is to serve the best way we know how, by sharing our own stories and combining our professional and personal experiences to walk along side those we serve on there journey to true and lasting healing


Initial Assessment

The first step is to obtain a comprehensive initial  assessment to determine the level of care and treatment plan to meet  your needs.  This can be scheduled by calling 260-358-7180.

Outpatient Services

Our therapists provide outpatient treatment for individuals of all genders and of  all ages and their loved ones.  Frequency is determined at the initial assessment and based  on need.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is the only Eating Disorder specific  IOP in the Fort Wayne area.  The specialized treatment team for this  program consists of our Founder and Executive Director,  Brooke Farrington, IOP Director Bethany Pruitt,  Dr. Sheila  Irick, our Board Certified Psychiatrist, and Ann Reidenbach, our  Registered Dietitian.  This 8 week program consists of group sessions  being held three days a week for three hours per session.  Group  sessions will include nutrition counseling, daily snacks, snack and meal  challenge outings, and daily therapy sessions tailored to meet the  needs of the group.  IOP also includes a Family Day, providing education  to family members and an opportunity for clients and loved ones to  communicate in a safe, objective environment.  Please contact Admissions at  260-358-7180 or info@farringtonspecialtycenters.com for more information or to schedule an assessment.

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Self Image Intensive

The self image intensive group is a program focused on challenging  negative self image and developing a more realistic, positive perception  of self.  The group will be experiential in nature, utilizing creative  arts, movement, psychodrama, and metaphors to aid individuals in finding  their true selves and learning to express themselves in healthy ways.   The Self Image Intensive is designed for individuals with eating  disorders and body image and/or self image disturbances.  These  individuals need to be well on the road to recovery.

Compulsive Overeating Group

We periodically offer an  8 week Compulsive Overeating Therapy Group led by Erica Walworth, MS,  LMFT, RDN, CD and Ann Reidenbach MPH, RD, CD.  This group will explore  your relationship with food, finding ways to create more positive  feelings, how to function in social settings, and other pertinent  topics.  Call our office or email info@farringtonspecialtycenters.com for further information.

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