Cindi was raised in Decatur, Indiana and moved to North Carolina in the Fall of 2008 to play collegiate volleyball at UNC Asheville where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Upon graduation, Cindi worked as a Division 1 college volleyball coach at Winthrop University and at East Carolina University for the next five years. She then returned to school to obtain her Master’s in Clinical Counseling with a focus in addictions at East Carolina University. She has a passion for working with athletes and those involved in other competitive atmospheres because she was a collegiate volleyball player herself and then moved into the coaching role and witnessed the first and secondhand experiences of college athletes' mental health concerns. Cindi began

to notice that these struggles tended to include body image concerns, disordered

eating, and low self-esteem often leading to depressed thoughts and anxiety. They are often ignored or avoided for fear of appearing “weak” or “incapable”. As a coach, she recognized the importance of adolescents and young adults having a mentor and guidance through these challenging times and seeking out therapy when necessary. Cindi utilizes an eclectic blend of therapy techniques in her work including DBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, person-centered, mindfulness-based therapy focusing on meeting clients where they are with genuineness, humor, and empathy. She feels honored to work in a field that is challenging where she can contribute to a treatment team approach to help people achieve wellness and develop resiliency by building skills necessary to experience a happy, productive life.